Foot pain can prevent you from enjoying the glory of living on the coast. It can even affect your daily life in so many ways from your work to your play. Custom orthotics from a chiropractor in Hilton Head Island at the Fraum Center for Restorative Health have the potential to keep you doing what you have to and what you love without suffering from foot pain and discomfort.

Definition of Orthotics

Orthotics is a term used to describe shoe inserts. It’s a device specially designed for the size, shape and issues you’re experiencing with your feet. They provide support for the arch while cushioning your foot when you walk. When a chiropractor sizes your feet for them, you receive a pair that matches the exact contours of each foot. They work with you as you move, so they’re comfortable to wear.

Types of Orthotic Inserts

The practitioner will prescribe one of two different types of orthotics: functional orthotics or accommodative orthotics. The functional orthotics are intended to control abnormal motion, which may contribute to foot pain. In some cases, this variety of orthotic treats injuries including tendonitis and shin splints. They’re usually crafted from plastic or graphite since these materials are semi-rigid.

Accommodative orthotics provide more cushioning because they’re derived from a softer material that still gives you support. Oftentimes, a specialist will prescribe accommodative orthotics to patients who have painful calluses, diabetic foot ulcers as well as other conditions that cause discomfort.

How the Chiropractor Sizes Your Feet

The chiropractor must size your feet for the inserts. He’ll take into consideration how you move. He’ll gather information related to the structure of your feet. The chiropractor will evaluate your feet, legs and ankles to ensure you receive the best fitting inserts that are comfortable.

The Benefits of Custom Orthotics in Hilton Head Island

The orthotics you purchase in stores aren’t designed for your specific foot structure and condition. You receive a pair that’s shaped for a foot in general. When you decide a custom orthotic from us, you get a pair that matches your feet ideally. That means, they’ll be comfortable to walk in.

The ones in stores are generic and may not help your foot pain because they don’t contour to the shape of your foot. Ill-fitting orthotics can even worsen your condition in some cases. A customized pair caters to your foot and condition, so you find a higher level of relief. Generic orthotics aren’t intended for a specific condition. Prescription orthotics can work for those who have overpronation or those who don’t have feet that are identical to one another.

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