Graduating with a Doctorate in Chiropractic from Life University in 1997, he has devoted his career to helping patients achieve optimal health through personalized and effective chiropractic treatments. His practice philosophy is grounded in a holistic understanding of the body, combining mechanical precision with a deep empathy for his patients’ individual health journeys.

Dr. Kevin’s expertise spans a broad spectrum of chiropractic methods, enabling him to cater to a diverse patient demographic—from infants just minutes old to seniors aged 98 years. He is adept at addressing immediate pain relief needs as well as fostering long-term health and wellness. This adaptability and commitment to patient care make him a valuable addition to any medical team.

Dr. Kevin is particularly excited to be a part of The Fraum Center, where he looks forward to collaborating with like-minded professionals dedicated to health and wellness. At The Fraum Center, he aims to continue his life’s work of spreading the transformative benefits of chiropractic care, ensuring each patient receives the highest standard of treatment tailored to their specific needs.