Restoring Taste and Smell After Long COVID

Restoring Taste and Smell After Long COVID

Long COVID has introduced a spectrum of lingering symptoms, but perhaps none as peculiar and disruptive to daily enjoyment and quality of life as the altered sense of taste and smell. This article delves into why these sensory changes occur in Long COVID patients and outlines pathways to recovery, with a spotlight on the holistic approach developed by Dr. Heather Hinshelwood (Dr. H) at The Fraum Center through her Proprietary Long Covid Protocol.

The Impact of Long COVID on Taste and Smell

For many, the loss or alteration of taste and smell has become a hallmark of the COVID-19 experience. These changes can range from complete loss to distorted perceptions of taste and smell, often described as metallic, burnt, or otherwise abnormal.

Why Does This Happen?

  • Viral Damage: The virus can cause direct damage to the nerves responsible for taste and smell.
  • Inflammatory Response: An immune response to the infection may lead to inflammation that affects these sensory pathways.
  • Neural Disruption: COVID-19 may disrupt the neural mechanisms that process taste and smell.

Pathways to Recovery

Recovering these senses can be a slow process, but there are strategies that can help expedite restoration and adaptation.

Sensory Training:

  • Smell Training: Regularly smelling a set of distinct scents can help stimulate olfactory nerves and encourage recovery.
  • Taste Rehabilitation: Experimenting with a variety of flavors and textures can help retrain the taste buds and brain.

Nutritional Support:

  • Anti-inflammatory Diet: Consuming foods known to reduce inflammation may aid in healing damaged nerves.
  • Vitamin and Mineral Supplements: Specific nutrients, such as zinc and vitamin D, have been linked to improved taste and smell functions.

The Fraum Center's Holistic Approach

At The Fraum Center, understanding the multi-layered impact of Long COVID on individuals drives our commitment to holistic recovery. Dr. H's Proprietary Long Covid Protocol incorporates a comprehensive approach to treatment, including:

  • Integrated Health Assessments: A thorough evaluation to understand the extent of sensory loss and its impact on the patient's life.
  • Personalized Recovery Plans: Tailoring sensory training and nutritional counseling to each patient's specific needs.
  • Supportive Therapies: Utilizing techniques that promote overall well-being and nerve health, such as acupuncture and mindfulness practices.

Empowering Through Understanding and Action

Facing the challenges of Long COVID requires patience, resilience, and the right guidance. Understanding the reasons behind altered senses of taste and smell, and engaging in active recovery strategies, are vital steps toward regaining these precious senses.

The Fraum Center is dedicated to guiding you through this journey, offering not just medical interventions but a compassionate and comprehensive support system. Explore how our Proprietary Long Covid Protocol can assist in restoring your taste and smell, enhancing your overall quality of life.

Together, we can navigate the path to recovery, embracing each small victory on the road to reclaiming your senses and savoring the world once again.