Restoring Taste and Smell After Long COVID


1How do I know if my ongoing symptoms are a sign of Long COVID?
If you're experiencing persistent symptoms such as fatigue difficulty breathing, joint pain, or cognitive challenges like brain fog that last for weeks or months after recovering from COVID-19, it may indicate Long COVID. It's essential to observe your health closely and consult with a healthcare provider for a thorough evaluation. At The Fraum Center we offer comprehensive assessments to understand your condition holistically and identify if your symptoms align with Long COVID.
2What are the most common Long COVID symptoms I should be aware of?
Long COVID can manifest through a wide range of symptoms affecting different systems in your body. The most frequently reported symptoms include severe fatigue, shortness of breath heart palpitations, joint and muscle pain, changes in taste or smell, and cognitive issues such as memory problems or concentration difficulties. Our team at The Fraum Center is dedicated to addressing the full spectrum of Long COVID symptoms with a personalized approach to care.
3How long after a COVID-19 infection do Long COVID symptoms typically appear?
Long COVID symptoms can appear shortly after recovering from the initial COVID-19 infection, but in some cases, they may not become noticeable until weeks or even months later. The onset and duration of symptoms can vary greatly among individuals. If you start to notice lingering or new symptoms post-recovery, it’s important to seek medical advice to assess your condition.
4Is there a test to diagnose Long COVID?
Currently, there isn't a single test specifically for diagnosing Long COVID. Diagnosis is usually made based on medical history, a detailed examination of your symptoms, and ruling out other possible causes. At The Fraum Center, we utilize a comprehensive assessment process to understand your health concerns in the context of Long COVID and tailor a treatment plan that addresses your specific needs.
5Can Long COVID symptoms come and go, or are they constant?
Many people with Long COVID experience fluctuating symptoms that can vary in intensity and may come and go over time. This variability is a hallmark of Long COVID, making it a particularly challenging condition to manage. Recognizing patterns in your symptoms can be helpful in managing them effectively, and our team at The Fraum Center can guide you through strategies to mitigate these fluctuations.
6What should I do if I think I have Long COVID?
If you suspect you're experiencing Long COVID symptoms, the first step is to seek medical guidance. Our specialists at The Fraum Center are here to listen and provide support. We’ll conduct a thorough evaluation to understand your health history and symptoms, and develop a holistic treatment plan tailored to your needs, utilizing our Proprietary Long Covid Protocol developed by Dr. H. Remember, you're not alone in this journey, and we're dedicated to helping you regain your health and well-being. These answers are designed to provide initial guidance and reassurance to individuals navigating the complexities of Long COVID, highlighting the Fraum Center's commitment to compassionate, holistic care.