Brian's Story

“You need to just come in! It’s well worth it. Get your life back.”

Brian had been experiencing back pain for 15 years. Living with the pain day in and day out was limiting all aspects of his life. He was specifically looking for a way to relieve L4 pain and muscular tension in his back. Brian had been classified as ready for a wheelchair based on his pain levels. Looking for alternate therapies to nerve ablation, Brian began seeking restorative treatments to delay more invasive procedures. He had begun to lose trust in more traditional medical methods. But once he found Fraum Center For Restorative Health, he knew he was in the right hands. Trust is first and foremost. Brian felt Fraum not only had all the services needed to treat his conditions, but he truly trusted the team. Fraum had it all, so the answer was yes. Brian initially came in for back pain, but ended up getting a lot more out of it than that–he got his life back.

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