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Stem Cell Therapies Show Promise in the Fight Against COVID-19
May 4, 2020

Why We Are Not a BLOB!

From The Desk of Dr. Brad E. Fraum, DC December 10, 2020

What Makes us 100%…That Makes us Live Longer, Younger?

Since the beginning of my undergraduate studies in Psychology at The City University of New York, and into and past my Doctoral Studies at Sherman College, science ages has wrestled with the Mind Body Dilemma. Preciously that question is, does the mind control the body or does the body control the mind?  Health is optimal physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing function, not merely the absence of symptoms.

Today, it is evident that the either hypothesis in part is correct – but you may ask how can that be? Simply there are Stem Cells (Master Cells) in all of us that use the abundance of our innate intelligence in us working together. We know that Vertebral Subluxations, when a vertebra becomes misaligned, reduces the flow of innate intelligence to all parts of the body. Dr. Brad Fraum, DC and Dr. Brian McGinnis, DC haver a combined experience of over 60 years and are leading Chiropractors in the Correction of Vertebral Subluxations.


What Makes us More Than a Blob?

Stem cells are specialized cells in all human beings that differentiate into all organs from your brain, to your spinal cord, to your heart, your knees, hips shoulders and more. Stem cells know how to differentiate into all organs in a precise timely hierarchy. The first organ to form in the body is the brain and spinal column and in just 25 days after conception the heart is already functioning…this is all amazing. Without stem cells a sperm cell and ovum at conception would not differentiate in to organs, meaning a human being would not develop past these to half cells or reproductive cells. Fortunately, we have about 2 million Stem Cells at conception and with differentiation we have growth into perfect human beings in 9 lunar months. This our God Given birthright.

The fact is the amount of Stem Cells in all human beings steadily decrease over life. At 20 years of age, we have the reduction of Stem Cells from 2 million to 2,000; At 80 years of age the 2,000 Stem Cells have been reduced to 200 Stem Cells.


What is Regenerative Medicine?  Replace, Repair and Supplement

The human body is an incredible feat of biological evolution over the history of humanity.  We must look at the individual elements that make us who we are, it is beyond comprehension and thus it is impossible to not be amazed. Every Cell in our body has a place and a role as they come together to form tissues, organs and provide the biological functions that give us life and consciousness. We understand at a basal level that there is cause and effect to what we put into our bodies. Physical maladies due to degeneration, age or disease are often prescribed a regimen of pharmaceutical aids and at times require surgery to repair or replace. These above two type of treatment are being done with so much rapidity that it has been common place…. but should it be …. obviously, a big no.

Regenerative medicine as practiced by Dr. Heather Hinshelwood, MD, FACEP at Fraum Center for Restorative Health, is an area of healthcare that empowers the body’s ability to heal itself with leveraging the underlying mechanisms that are utilized by nature’s innate intelligence to restore the structure and functioning of damaged or diseased tissues and organs, even sometimes before the symptoms appear.  Scientists observe the events that occur during tissue repair and are isolating the naturally occurring factors that are most commonly associated with healing, such as pericytes, mesenchymal stromal/stem cells, cytokines, growth factors, scaffolding proteins, and exosomes.  We have gained a great understanding of the components involved in the wellness, healing process and anti-aging process and are able to control and manipulate that process

Human cell and tissues products (HCT’s) used in this office have been the primary sources of regenerative medicine products. The naturally occurring factors that are found in these sources are incredibly divers and vast.

The breakthroughs and advances that have come from Regenerative Medicine has been shifting the paradigm in how we approach disease and injury. Our Body’s ability to bring itself back from the brink of collapse is inspiring, Our Body’s quest for anti-aging and wellness is now here! We are now fueled with the science of Regenerative Medicine.

Live The Life you Love!