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Regenerative Medicine as An Alternative to
Traditional Treatments

Regenerative medicine involves using Human Cellular Tissue Products (HCTPs) to help your body to heal itself. Fraum Center For Restorative Health provides patients with HCTPs to help stimulate the regenerating healing process. These HCTPs are made up of hyaluronic acid, growth factors, mesenchymal stem cells, exosomes and cytokines, which are all powerful factors that help regenerate your body’s tissues.

Once you’re injected with the HCTPs, the growth factors can start triggering cell growth in the area injected. Over the following few weeks, cells may grow and divide, forming new tissues. This may heal damaged or injured areas you have, without going through a surgical procedure.

Joint Regeneration

Through regenerative medicine, damaged cells in your joints are given the ingredients they need to kick-start regeneration, increasing blood flow to the area, reducing the damaging chronic inflammation and stimulating healthy tissue growth.

Regenerative Medicine for General Wellness

If you aren’t “in pain,” but want to feel better overall, consider regenerative medicine for general wellness. Human Cellular Tissue Products (HCTPs) are introduced into your body immediately targeting areas of inflammation, helping your body to heal itself.

Sexual Health

Often intimate relationships suffer as we age, but you can go from roommates back to romance. Instead of using medication that only masks the issue, regenerative medicine helps your body to reclaim natural functions and sensations.